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Privacy and Insulation with Roller/Blackout Blinds

Today’s houses and offices usually feature contemporary and modern designs, which means traditional looking blinds look out of place, and don’t really fit the overall look.This is where roller blinds and blackout blinds can be valuable. 

If you are looking for blackout blinds or roller blinds Auckland, Cedar Blind Specialists have a great range with quality installation services. Our surprisingly stylish roller blinds are versatile and serve as a practical solution for a variety of purposes, such as serving as a sun blind or shade, or adding an extra layer of privacy for a room.

Unlike traditional blinds, these can be raised or lowered effortlessly by either a spring operated control, sidewinder, or automated controls complete with remote control. Our rollers and blackout blinds also provide nighttime privacy and ample insulation when it gets cold. These come in a variety of styles and colours, as well, ranging from traditional to more modern colours and fabrics. 

We provide have dual roller blinds that combine two separate rollers into one system, as well. Dual rollers have one transparent sunscreen blind that keeps out UV rays and inquisitive eyes while still allowing you to see outside. The second block-out blind on the other hand provides your room full coverage that is perfect at night. 

Whether you are looking to use them for residential or commercial purposes, roller and blackout blinds are the perfect solution for your sun screen and privacy needs. Our rollers and blackout blinds are versatile, durable, and can be customised to fit your unique space.

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Dual Roller Blinds 

Cedar Blind SpecialistsDual roller blinds combine two separate roller blinds into one system. One transparent sunscreen blind enables you to have external views while screening UV rays and inquisitive eyes and the second block-out blind creates full coverage that is perfect for night time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

1. How durable are the blind mechanisms??
The blind mechanisms for our blinds Are long lasting – made with heavy duty aluminium head rail systems, to ensure stability and strength.
2. I have a limited budget. Do you have different types of blinds and pricing ??

Prefer the cedar look in a PVC finish? If you are working to a limited budget, our Artwood range of PVC blinds could provide a quality alternative. PVC blinds are manufactured with the same high quality components as cedar blinds, and provide a painted wooden-look finish at a lesser price.

3. I have large windows. Can I use Cedar blinds across a long width??

Got an extra big window? Don’t split your blinds if you don’t want to – Cedar Blind Specialists can go up to 3mtrs wide in one continuous blind.

4. What are the colour choices available for Cedar blinds??

Colour choices include: 

Light Cedar

Dark Cedar

Warm Walnut


Painted Blinds 




Half Spanish White

Spanish White



5. What are the slat widths available for Cedar blinds ??

All cedar blinds are available in both 46mm and 60mm slat widths, and coated in a UV cured lacquer, providing a long lasting and durable finish.

6. What does an openness factor mean??

There a several options of openness when choosing a solar screen for your windows. The most common openness factors are 3%, 5% and 10%.

Openness is easier explained like this: a solid wall has a 0% openness while a clear glass window pane has a 100% openness. In short, openness is the degree of visibility through the window measured in percentages.

Most all solar screens are designed to be used on roller shades, but can also be used on roman shades as well.

When you are choosing a solar screen material, it is best to view it during full sunlight in the window where you will be installing the roller shade. In some cases, you may have a need to install the solar shade on windows that will get little or no sun so as to continue the theme within the same area. 

NB: It’s also important to note that no solar shade that has any openness factor at all will provide you with full or even adequate privacy in many cases. If your window is facing an area where there is little or no chance of someone looking into the room, then this is of course less of an issue. 

Also, light that is filtered carries less solar radiation and thus less heat than full sunlight, but solar screens should not be considered for use where there is a need to reduce excessive heat in the summer months. A better alternative would be an interior shutter, blackout lined drapes or a cellular shade in either light filtering or room darkening materials.